Mortuis (xpashax) wrote in dimmu_borgir,

Question about a Dimmu Borgir shirt.

Anyone know what this symbol is supposed to mean, if anything? I understand it's t-shirt artwork, but what's the significance of the letters flanking the image?

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I know the letters 'AGLA' appear on one of the talismans in the Greater Key of Solomon (although I can't remember off hand what its purpose is), so that is of a ceremonial magic significance, not sure about the rest of it though!
Isn't this supposed to be the inside cover or a cover for the new album? I thoguht that is what it was supposed to be at least, but my sources can be wrong at times...
It was on their homepage under the section labeled Art/Shirts 2001.

I'm not a big enough fan to know what album art goes where, I just considering getting a shirt and like to know what a thing is before I put it on.
well thats completely respectable. theres a children of bodom shirt that i want that has some words in finnish on it, but i dont want to get it cause for all i know it could be saying "fuck my ass, im gay"

but i doubt it
Wearing something you don't understand is awesome.