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DIMMU BORGIR: New Album Title Revealed

Norwegian symphonic black metallers DIMMU BORGIR have
finished mixing their new album at Studio Fredman in
Gothenburg, Sweden with producers Fredrik Nordström
and Patrik J. Sten for an early 2007 release via
Nuclear Blast Records. The group's guitarist, Silenoz,
has issued the following update on the
recording/mixing process:

"After what we can call a pretty mellow and relaxed
mixing session (at least from a dimmucratic point of
view), 'In Sorte Diaboli' is now mixed and ready for
mastering! Ooops…happened to mention the album title

"Anyways, mastering duties will be done pretty soon
courtesy of Russ Russell at an undisclosed location in
the U.K.

"We'd especially like to thank Fredrik and Patrik for
the great work they've done helping us creating such a
great sound! Would you really expect anything else?
Not only that but also for putting up with our
bullshit for over a month. Trust me when I say there
are just a few out there capable of doing that...

"Meeting Patric Ullaeus and discussing the new video
was satisfying as well. There are some really nice
ideas brewing at the moment! More about that later…"

Silenoz previously told Revolver magazine that the
songwriting and recording process for the group's
long-anticipated follow-up to 2003's "Death Cult
Armageddon" involved none of the intensive
pre-production of their last two discs, no demos, and
no gallinvanting around with the Prague Philharmonic
Orchestra. "It's definitely going to sound way more
epic and bigger than we thought, because Mustis
[keyboards] has also contributed with his keyboard
ideas," said Silenoz. "I have to admit that some of
the keyboard things on 'Death Cult Armageddon' sound
better on the demo version than [their symphony
versions] on the album. I probably shouldn't say that,
but it's true."

This will be DIMMU's first "concept album," a story
set in always-epic Medieval Europe that also serves as
a treatise on the modern-day political and social
abuses of organized religion. "There's this dude that
works as a priest's assistant, and after a while he
just discovers that he has nothing to do with
Christianity, " said Silenoz of the storyline, which he
conceived in full before even a note of music was
composed. "He just sort of has this awakening and
realizes that he has different abilities and different
powers and is leaning more to the dark side."

DIMMU BORGIR's current recording lineup is as follows:

Shagrath - Vocals
Silenoz - Guitars
Galder - Guitars
Vortex - Bass
Mustis - Keys
Hellhammer - Drums

DIMMU BORGIR recently became the first band on the
Nuclear Blast USA roster to sell more than 100,000
copies of a full-length album with their "Death Cult
Armageddon" (2003) release, according to sales figures
provided by Nielsen SoundScan.

DIMMU BORGIR's video for the track "Sorgens Kammer –
Del II" has been posted online at NuclearBlast. de
(Real Media). The clip was shot last fall in Sweden
with director Patric Ullaeus of Sweden's Revolver Film

"Sorgens Kammer – Del II" is one of the new tracks
included on the updated, re-recorded version of DIMMU
BORGIR's 1996 album, "Stormblåst", which was released
in Europe in November via Nuclear Blast Records (the
North American release followed in February). The
album was completely re-recorded with producer Peter
Tägtgren (HYPOCRISY, PAIN) and MAYHEM's Hellhammer on
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