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Dimmu Borgir.... :)

Okay. Here's some news on Dimmu Borgir's new album:

"Having Recently rerecorded their 1996 album Stormblast, Norwegian black metal band Dimmu Borgir are looking to the future. They've already written a bunch of new riffs, and early next year (2006) they'll enter the studio w/ Peter Tagtgren and Mayhem drummer Hellhammer, who played on Stormblast and is again filling in the still-vacant drummer slot. While the new Dimmu cd will be less technical, it will be more lyrically complex. "It's going to be a concept album about this character from the middle ages who feels he needs to find God," says singer Shagrath. "And the more he searches for him, the more he finds out that God doesn't exist." ~Revolver magazine Febraury 06.
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less technical??? thats a damn shame
yeah that's what I thought too
Sounds like an awesome concept for an album. Their last album sounded like Bat-Man music, so I hope this one is alot different.
Bat-man music. hahahaha
I agree with you though.